Teacher Development Program

Launched in 2015, the Teachers development program is a comprehensive professional initiative focused on improving the wisdom and intellect of the teachers across the county. We believe that a society cannot progress if it does not have progressive and enlightened youth and teachers to act as a role model.

Allama Iqbal asserts that educators/teachers need to be open to fresh ideas, be ready to experiment new ways of teaching and acquiring knowledge and give up fixation with old school of thought. He thus calls for the enlightenment of the teachers and their own constant personal development and believes that the pursuit of knowledge must never stop. In his view, a teacher who is still struggling with his/her own personal development cannot be a role model for the students.

He says(Tarbiyat, Zarb-e- Kalim):

اہل دانش عام ہیں،کم یاب ہیں اہلِ نظر
!کیا تعجبّ ہے کہ خالی رہ گیا تیراباغ
(Meaning: There is no dearth of lettered men but people of vision are scarce. No wonder that your bowl is still empty. No wonder the students are not achieving their true potentials).

Arguing against the usual mode of instruction and delivery of content, he asks teachers as well as students to go beyond the conventional teaching methods and says(Madrissa, Zarb-e-Kalim):

مَدرِسے نے تری آنکھوں سے چُھپایاجن کو
خلوَتِ کوہ وبیاباں میں وہ اَسرار ہیں فاش
(Meaning: The mysteries, which schools hide from you; Try to find them in the solitude of hills and desserts. Go out and observe. Do not restrict your knowledge to books).

Allama Iqbal stresses that a role of a teacher is not only to complete the curriculum but to instill the ethical values which are essential for a healthy and progressive society. He says(Ghazal, Zarb-e-Kalim):

کِیاہے تجھ کو کتابوں نے کور ذوق اتنا
!صبا سے بھی نہ مِلا تجھ کو بُوے گُل کا سُراغ
(Meaning: The books have marred your taste and zest to such a great extent that morning breeze has failed to give you the clue of rose and its scent! Your pursuit is limited to books so much so that you are unable to understand the meaning of life and needs of time).

Moreover, he asserts that it is important for teachers and educators to understand the needs of the society and foresee the future demands and trends. According to him, a teacher with a narrow or limited vision cannot deliver and so he says(Tarbiyat,Zarb-e- Kalim),

شیخ مکتب کے طریقوں سے کُشادِدل کہاں
!کس طرح کبرِیت سے روشن ہوبجلی کا چراغ
(Meaning: The conventional teaching does not expand the heart. How can a matchstick light an electric lamp?)

Allama Iqbal views the development of khudi (Self) as the overarching goal of all education and training. But how can a teacher teach a subject unknown to him/ her? Hence it is pertinent for teachers to develop their Khudi (Self), so they are capable of helping students to realize their faculties and develop their potentialities. Thus creating self-awareness, which in turn leads to self-development and self-actualization. Allama Iqbal explained the stages of Teameer e Khudi in a very detailed way in his poetry.

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