Social Entrepreneurship Fund

At FCF, we raise contributions from donors and use them find, fund and support teams of educators and entrepreneurs who are reimagining education and learning so all children – especially those in underserved communities – have the opportunity to succeed.

Entrepreneurship in Education is about inspiring entrepreneurial potential. People need the mind-set, skills and knowledge to generate creative ideas, and the entrepreneurial initiative to turn those ideas into action.

Education has significant social and economic returns.  But simply the number of years in school is not enough. It is the acquisition of knowledge achieved through quality education, rather than schooling alone that promotes employ-ability, productivity and growth.

When we invest, we evaluate a number of common criteria across our investment theme and assess partners on the following dimensions:

  • Alignment with our vision
  • Idea and the Team
  • Sincerity, consistency and sustainability

As per the true definition of Ilm(عِلم), millions of our children who are in schools are not really learning and most of them getting only one dimensional education. Your support to our Entrepreneurship Fund helps us advance the pace and quality of education, innovation and transformation. If you believe, like we do, that entrepreneurs can generate new ideas that improve our education system, join us by making an investment. Contact us for more details.