Falcons Club Ambassadors

Falcons Club Ambassadors, a wise community of role model teachers, students and young professional across the globe, promoting knowledge, wisdom and propagating Allama Iqbal’s noble vision and global philosophy of Khudi, in words and through individuals who have the gift of self-awareness.

Teachers and students as one of the most influential groups of people, whom we can holds accountable and delegates the responsibility for the reformation and revival of the society.

Allama Iqbal uses several words to denote teachers including Sheikh, Hakeem, Saqi, Peer-e-haram and has dedicated an entire section titled, Taleem o Tarbiyat in Zarb-e- Kalim to this topic. He mostly refers to educational institutions as Madrissa, Maktab, Haram, Maikhana, and Khankah.

We are growing a community of young leaders through our Falcons Clubs and Some of key qualities of our Falcons are given below:

Iqbal’s Nojwan is a True Muslim, Mard-e-Momin, Mojahid, Shaheen, Man of Khudi and an Optimistic person who can pull down the stars to himself. Iqbal says:

محبت مجھے اُن جوانوں سے ہے    ستاروں پہ جو ڈالتے ہیں کمند
“I have love for those youngsters who pull the stars down”

Iqbal’s Nojawan is creative nojwan. He is Shaheen who hunts and then takes. Iqbal says:

وہی جہاں ہے تِراجس کو تُوکرے پیدا
یہ سنگ وخشت نہیں‘جوتری نگاہ میں ہے

“Your world is (only) the one which you create yourself,
Not these stones and bricks, which are in sight”

Iqbal’s notion of Leadership is best exemplified in his concept of mard-i-mu’min, i.e. the perfect man. Iqbal says of him:

نرم دمِ گفتگو,گرم دمِ جستجو   رزم ہو یابزم ہوپاک دل وپاکباز
“He (mu’min) is mild in speech and wild in action.
Be it battlefield or the assembly of friends, he is pure of heart and action.”

He also says:

!افراد کے ہاتھوں میں ہے اقوام کی تقدیر!     ہرفردہے ملتّ کے مقدر کا ستارا
“The destiny of nations is vested with the individuals. Similarly every person belonging to the Muslim Ummah is its destiny’s star.”


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