Falcon Teachers Award

We are in the process of launching the Falcons Teachers Award to recognize exceptional teachers from all over the Pakistan who imparted high quality education during the last few years. We believe exceptional educators should be recognized and celebrated. Our goal is to give outstanding national educators a chance to show the world what they do, sharing inspiring stories and encouraging ever-more ambitious teaching practices and educational initiatives. Falcons selection criteria will be based on the role of teacher defined by Quran/Sunnah and Iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi, qualities of shaheen and concept of Mard-e-Momin.

We believe that teachers – skilled professionals doing one of the most important jobs in society – should be treated with the same degree of respect as doctors.

In 2020, we will launch the Falcon Teacher Award to give such distinguished teachers from all over the country, the recognition they deserve. Our Falcon Teacher Award designed to identify extraordinary teachers, scholars who take their profession to new heights. We are looking for:

Do you have what it takes?

-Appreciation from parents, students, colleagues, head teachers or the community. We want to see the people who matter, speaking up for a teacher who has made a real impact in their lives.

-Innovation in teaching practice. Whether that means embracing technology or doing something new and different. Whatever innovative approach is used, it should clearly help students achieve their learning outcomes.

-Contribution to educational debates. From blogs and conferences, social media campaigns and media participation, our Falcon Teacher should be giving voice to the real educational issues, which affect them and their community.

-Encouragement for teachers, and non-teachers. We are looking for an individual who supports educators and encourages others to enter the teaching profession, either actively or by setting a positive example.

-Preparation of young people for success in an increasingly diverse and globalized world. Winning candidates should be working to turn students into real falcons and successful humans in both secular as well as religious domains.

-Development of innovative ideas and initiatives, which improve access to quality education for children from all backgrounds.

-Accomplishment which goes beyond the classroom, setting a precedent for a truly extraordinary approach to education which inspires both teachers and non-teachers all over the country.