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Falcons WisdomFoundation (FWF) established as a non-profit membership-based Clubs foundation to bring positive social change. We are a premier organization that defines thought leadership in the education system, youth leadership and teacher’s advocacy. We bring together leaders from society, education industry and government to draw actionable insights on emerging social issues and Youth’s challenges. We examine the risk of economic, social and political change and provide practical solutions in the interest of society and future generations. Through our Falcons Clubs community, we solve important social problems that makes an impact and build trust in the society.

We believe that, “Ilm(عِلم)” denotes a combination of education, training, knowledge and wisdom and this includes religious, spiritual and material knowledge. All our children should have the best teachers as role models and best available knowledge resources to acquire all domains of “Ilm(عِلم)”. We are presenting teaching as a truly valued profession and recognized that boosting the status of teachers is essential to develop better educational systems. We are planning to achieve this through building teacher’s capability, advocacy campaigns to promote excellence in the teaching practices and by providing innovative teaching solutions in support of our objectives.

Education is the powerful instrument of economic, political, cultural and social change. The key to the great education is having great teachers, scholars, educationist and society working together towards common objectives. Teachers as role model is the central figure in any educational system and regarded as an effective agent of social change.

We act as a hub, stimulating evidence-based debate between students, educationists, teachers, politicians and social leaders via national education enhancement forum.

Falcons Clubs Membership

Each of our Falcon is an active Leader—a volunteer dedicated to make the world a better place through actions, words and the passions. We encourage the country’s best and brightest brains to find their vocations in the development of the society. Join our Falcons Clubs and play your role as an effective Social Leader.

Our objective is to create a platform for embedding high morals in individuals and societies through imparting awareness, knowledge and intellect, the core doctrine of Iqbal’s concept of Khudi for the achievement of this objective. We will propagate Iqbal’s revolutionary vision and global philosophy of falconism to every nook and corner of the world, in words and through individuals who have the gift of self-awareness.

As Falcons, our actions and service inspires others. We provide courage and a unique sense of wisdom to our societies and to the world. To do this, we depend on great leadership. And that takes great leadership development for our members.

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